11 Speedy Sets for a Full-Body Workout

    • Running on the spot

      Jog or walk on the spot

    • Lunge walk

      1. Stand, take your right leg forward in a long stride. Place it on the floor and bend both of your knees. Make sure your front leg is at a right angle and your knee is not over your toe.
      2. Your back knee should be close to the floor, and your heel up. Now take your left leg forwards and repeat the walk.

    • Press up

      1. Go on your knees and take your hands out on the floor, slightly wider than your hips. Push your hips forward, elbows out to the side and lower your chest to the floor.
      2. Don’t allow your back to arch, pull your stomach in. Lower as far as you are able, pushing your chest closer to the floor and then back up again. Repeat.

    • Tricep dip

      Sit on the floor or on a chair, with your elbows behind you. Lift your hips up in the air and lower your elbows, you should feel this one in the back of the arms straight away. Bend and straighten.

    • Shuttle runs

      Complete short sprints in a straight line.

    • Lunge kicks

      Start in the same position as the lunge walk description, the back leg goes up in the air into a kick and then back behind again, repeat. Complete on your right and left side.

    • Climbers

      Kneel and take your hands on the floor. Take your right knee into your chest, and keep your left leg straight. Alternate legs to create a fast motion.

    • Knees up

      1. In a standing position, take your legs wide with your feet facing forwards. Bend at the knee and take your right hand to your right ankle, so straightening your left leg. Keep your head looking up and your back straight.
      2. Come back up to a standing position, and then lean to the left side, touching your left ankle. Repeat.

    • Extended plank spider man

      1. Take the position of extended plank, but have your hands narrow, nearly touching, and open your legs wide.
      2. Now take your arms wide and your legs narrow as you walk to the right with your arms and legs. Keep moving in this direction, in this way. And then come back to the left.

    • One-legged lunge

      1. Take your right foot off the floor, and squat down with your left leg, touching your left hand to the floor, keeping your right foot just two inches off the floor.
      2. As you come up, extend the right leg behind you, straighten your leg and stretch your arm in front of you, repeat going down and up. Complete on your left and right side.

    • Dolphin press

      In a downward dog position, take your right leg in the air, and press down towards the floor, elbows in, pushing your chest to the floor and then back up again, keeping the leg up all the time, then repeat. Complete on both sides.

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