10 Steps To A More Mindful Run

  • Once you are on the move, find a comfortable pace. This may be a different pace on different days, depending on your mood.

  • Take a moment or two to become mindful of the weather and your surroundings. Be conscious of the colours, smells and shapes around you.

  • Once you have a little momentum, remind yourself of your intention to run mindfully. 4 When you are ready, choose a foot, whichever feels more comfortable, and count each time it hits the ground. Remember only one foot, and the same one each time.

  • Count 10 steps, beginning once more at one when you have done so. Keep this going.

  • When invasive or unhelpful thoughts come, just acknowledge they have come and then let them go before returning to your mindful running.

  • If the thoughts return, then once more let them go. It may take some time for you to get familiar with mindful running and there will be days it is harder than others.

  • If the thoughts are saying you cannot go on any longer, ask yourself if they spring from your mind or your body. If they come from your mind they are just thoughts and not the truth, let them pass on by.

  • When you find yourself in the kind of zone where the world disappears and it is just you and your steps, then you are in your flow.

  • If you want to mix things up, you can try counting your breaths instead of your steps. Be mindful of the fullness of the breath as you do so. Enjoy the sensation of filling and emptying your lungs.

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