Lisa Snowdon Tells Us Why She Loves Qigong

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As is the case for many of us, Lisa Snowdon has found the last year full of ups and downs. However, talking to the former model, you get the impression that there isn’t a lot that could crack her cheery disposition. Here, she talks with us about instilling that all-important work/life balance, how lockdown has made her look more internally and why she’s turned to Qigong as a form of exercise.

On resilience

“I’ve learnt in the past year that I’m quite resilient. Obviously there has been some frustration and sadness, but there have also been positives that I’m going to take away from everything that has happened. It‘s made me look more internally. I was actually looking at a Polaroid this morning, and I thought, life was so terrifying when I was 20. I couldn’t figure out who I was or what I wanted to do and I wasn‘t very happy either. I would love to be able to tell my younger self that, ‘Everything is going to be OK’. As simple as that sounds, if someone did that when you needed it most, that would be so reassuring and powerful. I would also like to tell her that life is going to be beautiful. It’s nice to get to a place where I can be content and proud with who I am.”

On her work/life balance

“With lockdown, you find yourself working for longer hours and longer days. And then, it feels like the weeks are just flying by because you‘re cramming a lot into your day! I’ve always got a list to go through, but sometimes I don’t get it all done. What I’m quite good at is going, ‘Right, let’s rewrite that on the list tomorrow’, move over what I didn’t do to the next day and I make sure I don’t beat myself up about it.”

On exercise

“In the first and second lockdown I was really motivated to exercise; but then during this third lockdown, exercise-wise, I’ve been much less keen. I’ve been doing Qigong quite a lot, which is a traditional Chinese practice based on martial arts. It helps with my mobility and it feels like it keeps my body flowing and moving. I also love Pilates and yoga as well. So, I’m still working out, I’m just a bit less motivated at the moment.”

To read the full interview with Lisa Snowdon, pick up a copy of the April issue of Health & Wellbeing magazine.