Lisa Snowdon Gets Very Real About The Menopause

Become © Lisa Snowdon wear Become clothing

Former model Lisa Snowdon, 47, is on a mission. Having teamed up with FemTech clothing brand Become, she wants us all to be more open about the menopause because, let’s face it, it’s something we women will all have to go through at some point in our lives. So, with World Menopause Day coming up on the 18th October, we thought it was a great time to sit down with the self-proclaimed girl’s girl to discuss everything from yoga to night sweats – here, in a refreshingly honest interview, Lisa reveals all…

On the menopause

“The perimenopause has affected my life in different ways but it’s not every single day. It’s almost if you imagine your PMT symptoms – some months, weeks or days are harder than others, and it’s exactly like that with perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. You don’t recognise yourself; it’s like when you’re getting your period and you’ve got that out-of-body experience, where you look in the mirror and think that nothing works when you put clothes on – it’s almost like that feeling, but times one hundred. I feel more anxious at certain times of the month. I can feel really confused, like I can’t focus; I can get very tired, and I have these fiery rages where I just become quite angry every now and then. The temperature is what is completely out of control though, because these flushes just come from nowhere, and that’s what’s probably the most telling symptom, because everything else you can keep under wraps – if you’re having a crappy day, you can grin and bear it, like us women have to do, because we’re so used to having to deal with periods, pain and not feeling 100 percent and just getting on with it. But sometimes, when you’ve got the sweats, you feel very self-conscious that other people will notice.”

On de-stressing

“I’m a bit of a hippy at heart – I’ve got angel cards, I like crystals, aromatherapy and lighting candles and incense; all these grounding rituals that I’ve done forever – I like to do these if I’ve had a bad day.”

On exercise

“I love going to reformer Pilates a couple of times a week, and I do a little bit of running every now and then. I walk pretty much everywhere, I get the Tube when I’m coming into London for appointments so I can try to get my 10,000 steps in a day; I really feel the difference in my body when I do that, plus it’s good cardio, but is gentle on your joints. I also use free weights at home or at the gym. When I can fit it in, I go to Define London – it’s like barre but it’s not really ballet, and the teacher’s really inspirational. I like to take part in classes because it’s sociable, and you can’t leave – with a run, I can set myself a 30-minute goal and then do 25 minutes and head to the sauna, but with a class, I have to see it through.”

To read the full interview, pick up the October issue of Health & Wellbeing with Lisa Snowdon, on sale on the 5th September.