Fleur East: What She Eats And How She Prioritises Self-Care

Singer-songwriter and radio presenter, Fleur East reveals the importance of expressing herself and how she prioritises self-care

What does your daily routine look like?

“I get up at 4:30 every morning to do my breakfast show on Hits Radio and then head home for some lunch, which I usually make from scratch. Sometimes I might have an event or a performance that I’ll need to prepare for, and then it’s back home in the evening to start all over again for the next morning!”

How do you incorporate fitness into your life?

“Exercise is essential for my wellbeing – I feel so much more positive and energetic after I’ve been to the gym. There’s a Barry’s Bootcamp near to the radio studio and I’m always running on the treadmill, so I can keep my stamina up for when I’m on stage.”

What’s on your plate today?

“For breakfast, I’ll have porridge with dried fruit and some honey. I make my own trail mix with walnuts, cashews and raisins as a snack – I brought this into the studio the other day and everyone was eating it! For lunch, I’ll usually have brown rice with fish or chicken and then for dinner it’ll be something light, such as noodle soup or pho. I also drink lots of water and I’m a green tea addict.”

Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.

“I like that I can always see the silver lining, so whenever I come across a bad situation or there’s an atmosphere in the room, I’m always the kind of person to lighten the mood. I enjoy making other people smile and laugh, and I like to be positive about everything when I can.”

How do you practise self-care?

“I have to check in with myself quite often because I’m someone who can just get my head down and keep going. The one thing I do to wind down is to have a bath and put my music on. I like to be in the moment when I’m doing things and try not to get too caught up in what’s going on in the outside world. I like to see my family and catch up with people that I love, that’s how I look after myself.”

Your ideal Friday night in?

“I love a night in! I enjoy eating good food, which will either be a meal made by my parents – they’re amazing cooks – or an Indian takeaway. I love watching a bit of Netflix and having my favourite people around me to debate with and talk to all night.”

How important is it that you’re able to express yourself?

“Being expressive is part of your identity and it’s how you show who you are. I love fashion and dressing up according to my moods. Sometimes, I’ll live in a hoodie or trainers; other times I’ll want to look really glam and wear a nice dress with heels. I feel lucky that I’m able to express myself by writing songs and getting to perform to different people around the world.”

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