Angellica Bell Isn’t Afraid Of Ageing – Here’s Why

Leo Holden - Snooty Fox Images ©

TV presenter, radio host and mum-of-two Angellica Bell is chatty, warm and funny, as well as being someone who doesn’t shrink from a challenge –she’s done everything from running the London Marathon in 2002 to raise money for charity, to cycling a section of the Tour de France known as L’Étape, despite not having ridden a bike before! H&W caught up with her to talk about why she’s not afraid of ageing, her money saving advice and her thoughts on friendship.

On ageing

“I’ve had a few friends pass away, friends I’ve known since I was young, friends with young children, so I just live every day as if it could be the last, and so if I were to go tomorrow, I’d be cool with that. The people I love know I love them, so I don’t really think about ageing. I think it’s something we can’t hide from, it’s inevitable, but you might as well embrace it while enjoying yourself, with a smile on your face and doing the things you want to do. I’ve made a resolution to myself to tick off things I want to achieve, I’m not going to wait. I couldn’t ride a bike, which is why I did Tour de Celeb [in 2016], when I cycled a section of the Tour de France – if you’d have told me that 10 years ago, I would never have believed you.”

On money saving advice

“In January, sometimes I buy my Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the sale. I’ll buy Christmas presents for friends in sales during the year and store them in a box in the loft. Another tip is to try and get things in the sale – don’t pay full price. My other half [fellow TV presenter Michael Underwood] laughs at me when I go to the sales and buy cards and wrapping paper, but I’m having the last laugh!”

On friendship

“I don’t have an agent, and one of the good things about that is, once I’ve organised work, I can block out time to see my friends – I see it as just as important as a work day. It’s about making sure you have a good giggle and chat. I think it’s really important for people to have a strong friend network so they’ve always got someone to help them, listen to them or cuddle them – all those vital things. I recently went on a girls’ weekend to Brighton – we planned it in advance and it was the best thing ever. We went clubbing and ate at nice restaurants, and when I came back I needed another weekend to get over it!”

To read the full interview, pick up the January issue of Health & Wellbeing with Angellica Bell, on sale on the 28th November.