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Wendy Rowe’s Skin Care Essentials

Eating well and working out is really important to me. I love to eat meals that I’ve prepared from scratch and mix up my exercise routine. Whether it’s dancing at Body By Simone in New York or playing tennis in London, I always like to do something. When I’m busy I take three drops of Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum, rub it between my palms and inhale deeply three times from my diaphragm – it’s a great way to ground yourself.

Having good skin is top of my agenda and I always take the time to look after it properly. It doesn’t matter how busy or tired I am at the end of the day, I’ll always wash my face with water, tone, moisturise and apply an eye cream. I also moisturise my body every day, including my feet – people often forget about their body but it’s so important!

My top three pieces of beauty advice are to always take your make-up off at night, don’t ever work out with your make-up on because it’s so bad for your skin and try to do some sort of fitness at least three hours a week. It will really show in your body and skin.

When it comes to anti-ageing, make sure you eat plenty of oily fish and omega oils. Foods rich in good fats like avocado and those high in water like courgette, cucumber and watermelon are really effective. Try to change your moisturiser with the season and be aware of pollution. I think light therapy treatments are great for dry skin too.

  • “I try to avoid wearing make-up day to day if I can. If I do, it’ll opt for Burberry’s BB Cream, Burberry Face Contour Pen, a bit of concealer and mascara.”

  • “This is a natural coloured lipstick that can be easily re-applied throughout the day without a mirror. And it lasts really well and complements all looks.”

  • “I’m desperate to try this – it’s great for brightening the skin and it works whilst you sleep.”

  • “I love Skinade – it’s great to give your skin an extra boost.”

  • “I often use the recipes in my book. It’s super simple and I’ve broken it down into seasons.”

  • “Celeb hairstylist, Ken Paves told me about this and it’s a game-changer. You spray it onto your hands and then massage into the roots of the hair to add volume.”

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