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The Post-Workout Essential You Won’t Regret Spending Money On

A woman working-out on treadmill

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It’s no secret that working out is great for our skin. Exercising increases blood flow and rejuvenates the complexion with essential nutrients and hormones. It also helps to detox the body of harmful toxins and impurities. So although it might seem obvious that workouts nourish our skin, it’s the sweat left behind that can have a negative result - making post-workout care essential.

The post-workout solution

Thanks to the world’s first silicone facial cleansing brush, the LUNA mini 2 from Swedish beauty and wellness brand FOREO – known for its technology, quality and sleek design – it has revolutionised the way you’ll cleanse after hitting the gym. The sonic cleansing brush has been expertly-designed to remove dirt, oil and most importantly sweat, after you exercise. The quick-drying, non-porous, silicone facial brush prevents the build-up of bacteria. It glides across the skin to help cater to our, often sensitive, post-workout complexion.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Post workout is when your skin is most receptive to sonic cleansing and the additional benefits it brings. The on-the-go nature of the FOREO facial brush means that this compact brush can be used out and about easily, allowing you to tackle sweat head on – so make sure you’re packing one in your gym bag! Sweat can be detrimental to your skin if it is not cleansed properly. It’s vital to opt for an effective deep cleanse after your gym session. As sweat is an activator for blemish-causing bacteria, leaving it on your skin can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Did you know that when sweat is present on the body, you’re 40 percent more susceptible to UV rays and sunburn than when your skin is clean and dry

How to use the LUNA mini 2

The device is simple to use, involves exactly a minute, and only four steps:
1: Wet your face
2: Turn on the device, adjust the pulsations and add your favourite facial cleanser to it
3: Divide your face into four zones, and gently massage using the cleansing brush. This enables it to work its magic on your skin, by deep cleansing through the pores
4: Wash your face and pat dry to feel the smooth texture of your skin

If you’ve always opted for face wipes or cotton wool then the LUNA mini 2 will change everything! After using it for the first time you’ll feel as if your face has never been so clean – and if you’re anything like us you’ll keep heading for the mirror to admire your newly-glowing skin.

Tried and Tested - the verdict

To give it the test it deserves, we added the device to our gym bag as we headed for Pilates and worked up a sweat. With the touch of a button – and your favourite cleanser – you’re good to go. Within only one minute your skin is gleaming and fresh. What we love about it most here at Health & Wellbeing, is the different pulsation options – one click and your cleansing experience becomes customisable with eight different intensities to find what works best for you. So give it a go next time you’re post-workout!

What is better, is that the LUNA mini 2 is good both for the environment and your bank balance as one charge lasts up to five months and there’s no need to replace the brush heads ever!

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