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These Products Will Suit Your Ever-Changing Skin

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As we reach 40 and beyond, we may notice subtle changes to the feel and appearance of our skin. As oestrogen levels drop, it can cause our skin to feel a little drier, dull and perhaps with more noticeable signs of fine lines. To help your skin as time passes, we’ve brought in the beauty experts to impart their wisdom for a radiant look, whatever your age.

Glow getter

Like most things, the first tip for an effortless glow is to be mindful of what is happening on the inside. Healthy, vibrant skin often comes from within and according to health and longevity specialist, Vivienne Talsmat: “Water really is your skin’s best friend; you can plump out the skin to the degree that you look like you’ve lost five years with regular water consumption throughout the day.” She suggests setting regular phone alarms to remind you to keep sipping regularly; a simple way to boost your natural glow. As well as dialling up your water intake, looking at the way you wash your face can have a big impact on your skin’s hydration levels. “Avoid cleansing with foam or any product that requires rinsing with water,” says celebrity facialist, Ada Ooi. “By doing this we can help to preserve natural lipids in our skin, helping it to stay looking plump, hydrated and youthful.” Using a cream cleanser, like the Pai Middlemist Seven Gentle Cleanser, is a great way to remove make-up and balance delicate facial skin, without stripping away moisture.

The texture and tone of our skin may also vary over time. “As our skin cell turnover slows down, we may get an uneven skin tone,” explains Ada. To combat this, add revitalising skincare like the 001 Skincare London Pure Active AHA Enzyme Peel to your routine. The natural ingredients work to lift dead skin, while hydrating and calming and, when applied as a weekly treatment, it can help to refresh and brighten tired-looking skin. With a solid skincare regime under your belt, enhancing your natural looks with glow-boosting beauty products is a further way to look and feel revitalised.

Celebrity make-up artist Em-J has given us some of her top tips for flawless, fresh make-up application. “A shimmer with large particles on the skin will highlight wrinkles and fine lines, however, if it is super-delicate, it can look great,” advises Em-J. For a youthful base, gild skin with a flattering sheen, minus any tell-tale sparkle. Em-J loves the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair, which has hydrating and smoothing properties that can even out fine lines and helps make-up last longer. For an extra touch of natural-looking glow, we suggest Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter for a perfect dewy finish without any garish glitter.

Natural beauty

Complexion wise, if you want a warmer look without being exposed to damaging UV rays, a bronzer or blusher is perfect for a pop of healthy colour. “Try to stay away from powder as much as possible and opt instead for creamy or liquid products, as they melt into the skin rather than sitting on the surface,” says Em-J. “I love the Inika Organic Cream Illuminisor to give your skin a natural warm sheen with no caking. If you don’t want to part with powder completely, we also recommend the new Airbrush Bronzer from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s very finely milled so it slides beautifully onto the skin, and it contains moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid which gives you a healthy, luminous glow while keeping skin hydrated.”

Completing the look

There’s nothing quite as confidence-boosting for the festive season (and beyond), as a slick of your favourite lip colour as Em-J explains: “As we get older, our lips perhaps aren’t able to hold lipstick quite as well, because the product may bleed into the skin around the lips.” She recommends powdering gently around the lip line to eliminate excess oil and using a good lip liner to keep the lipstick in place. She also suggests building the colour up and blotting after each application before adding more product. Thinner layers built up gradually have more longevity than one thick application, meaning you can enjoy a perfect pout from day to night.

Applying the right product to your eyes can have an instant effect on your overall look. Creating subtly wider eyes through the magic of make-up is a sure-fire way to give you a youthful, vibrant appearance and bold lashes are key for flattering, fluttery and engaging eyes. Pick a lengthening mascara like the new Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara and invest in a good eyelash curler to really boost their length and shape. “When it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner, focus on the outer corner of the eyes, for a wideeyed, youthful look and don’t be afraid of a pop of shimmer on your lids,” says Em-J. We love the Ere Perez Eye Shadow Palettes which are beautifully pigmented, while also containing chamomile to help soothe delicate eye areas; perfect for your sensitive skin.

As important as it is to give your brows a boost, Em-J recommends going for softer eyebrows, using a feathered pencil or powder rather than an angular, dark dip brow, which can be ageing. “Soft and fluffy natural products frame your eyes without dominating your face.” We love Blink Brow Bar’s Dream Brows Palettes, which come in a wide range of shades and are ideal for building up colour gently. ”If your under-eyes are feeling a little lacklustre, you can tackle dark circles and boost luminosity with a flattering concealer that isn’t too thick. Something like the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Luminous Brightening Concealer, that is both iridescent and buildable, will brighten undereyes without creasing on fine lines.”

It can be easy to get stuck in a beauty rut by sticking with the same lipstick from your 20s or applying eye shadows that have been in your dresser for decades. However, embracing your natural beauty and trying fresh products as the canvas of your skin changes, can be an exciting way to switch up your look. What better way to head into 2021, looking and feeling your best.

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Em-J is a make-up artist with 13 years of experience and has worked with the likes of Ashley James, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Madeleine Shaw,

Vivienne Talsmat

Vivienne Talsmat is London‘s leading health and beauty guru, loved by celebrities, royalty and sports personalities alike,


Ada is a an internationally famed facialist to the stars and royal personalties. She is the founder of 001 Skincare London,

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