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Why You Need To Try A Lip Mask

What if we told you you could have a plumper, more hydrated pout in less time than it takes to warm up for a run? Lip masks are the next big thing and are the perfect way to nourish your smile after cold winter jogs take their toll.

While lip masks may sound unnecessary, the skin around the lips is very thin and prone to damage, so it seems obvious that beauty buffs would create a hydrating lip treatment to target dry and flaky pouts as well as the skin surrounding it. Step forward the lip mask, a gel-like patch which is loaded with nourishing ingredients to soften, hydrate and plump, leaving you with luscious lips all year around.

“The lips are one of the most expressive and attractive parts of the body, and the most sensual” reveals Nicole Arnoldussen, co-founder of skincare company STARKSIN. “But the lips are also the least protected, sensitive and delicate parts of our skin.

“The skin on the lips is very thin and, because it does not secrete sebum (which acts as protection barrier), it dries out very quickly. Daily use of a hydrating lip balm with SPF helps, but every now and then you need to give your lips an intense mask treatment that delivers a series of active ingredients –  such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and coconut oil – and nourishes deeper into the layers of the skin.”

With celebrity fans including Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba, if it’s good enough for them lip masks are certainly good enough for us.

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“Lip masks are moisturising, hydrating and can help reduce fine lines around your lip area,” explains Rachel de Caux, founder of glitter lips brand Beauty Boulevard. “We recommend a weekly treatment to enhance the appearance of dry or damaged lips. Boasting antioxident properties and plumping capabilities lips feel smooth and luscious after just one treatment.”

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