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Party Season: Your Make-Up Made Easy

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated – we break it down with help from the experts…

Hands up, who carries around way too much in their make-up bag, but actually only uses a handful of it? Whether you’ve been influenced by an advert or sucked in by a salesperson at a department store, it’s all too easy to end up with a bulging bag full of products and tools that you ‘might use one day’, or that are probably past their expiry date, but we hear you! To help, we’ve turned to the experts to ask them what tools we actually need, so we don’t end up carrying around half a beauty counter every time we go out (it’s not just us, right?). Plus, find out how to get the perfect party look just in time for the festive season!

Kabuki brush

“A kabuki brush works with all foundations,” says make-up artist Jessica Constanti ( “The bristles are dense so you can really work the product onto skin, giving the foundation a skin-finish.”

Dual fibre brush

“For bronzing and contouring, I’d opt for a dual fibre brush as this allows you to get a defined finish without it becoming too harsh,” Jessica advises. “You’re able to blend out the product easily and avoid overloading the contoured areas with too much, which can result in it looking muddy.”

Fluffy blusher brush

“This is perfect for sweeping a rosy hue onto the apples of your cheeks, giving your face some colour and a flush of health,” says Jessica.

Fan brushi

While you can use a fan brush to apply highlighter, blush and loose powder, it’s also a good way to remove excess eyeshadow that can fall underneath your eye after application – trying to remove that with your fingers can result in smudging, whereas a fan brush can delicately dust it away without any residue.

Spoolie brush

A spoolie brush looks like the end of a mascara wand. It’s a great tool to use to brush your eyebrows into place before filling them in, and then afterwards to remove any excess product and even out the colour. Look for one with an angled brush at the other end that you can use to apply your eyebrow product.

Tapered eye brush

“A tapered eye brush allows you to add more pigment to areas such as the crease in your eye,” explains Jessica. “Use a small, tapered brush to add colour, and then switch to a fluffier eye brush to blend the pigment, giving the overall look a softer appearance.”

Eyelash curlers

While they may look scary, eyelash curlers are key to opening up your eye area, and making your lashes appear longer. Heat them beforehand with a hair dryer to help the curl last, and use them before applying any eye make-up to avoid smudging.

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