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The Skincare Products That Miranda Kerr Can’t Go Without

I don’t take my health for granted. I make conscious choices when it comes to the lifestyle I lead. I choose food that is organically grown (when possible), in its most natural state. I practise yoga and meditation for mindfulness, Pilates and dance for flexibility, and weight training for strength. And I believe in the power of prayer and affirmation to make a positive difference to my life.

As I mature, I want to look my best and preserve my skin’s tone and texture. I now need a little more TLC then I did seven years ago when I first launched KORA Organics, so we use natural ingredients that have been supported by science to help relax fine lines and wrinkles.

Growing older and wiser is a privilege denied to many. I made a decision long ago when I lost someone close to me who was in their youth, to embrace my life, my experiences (the good and not so good) and the honour to grow older. People who fascinate me are the ones that have stories etched in their faces. I want to ask questions and learn from them.

My skincare routine is pretty lengthy when I travel! First I remove my make-up, then apply a mask. When I travel I spritz my face with a rose mist to balance the pH level in my skin and apply a moisturiser with fatty acids for hydration. Next I apply an eye cream with aloe vera and pop on a silk eye mask to get some sleep. I also remember to hydrate from within by drinking lots of water and herbal teas.

I keep make-up to a minimum if I’m not working. I apply KORA Organics Tinted Day Cream instead foundation – it leaves my complexion radiant with an even tone. I like to define my lashes and groom my brows to frame the face. I apply two to three coats of mascara and finish off my look with lip balm.

I wash my hair in the evening so it can dry naturally overnight, then all I have to do in the morning is style it. At the moment I prefer a low braid or a high topknot, as they both require little time and effort but still look feminine and polished.

    • £44 “A top tip is to use your fingers to apply your base, as the warmth will help the formula melt into your skin for a flawless finish.”

    • £16 “To really open up my eyes, I use an eyelash curler before I apply my mascara.”

    • £22 “Red lipstick is perfect if I want to make more of a statement – it also brightens my complexion instantly.”

    • £44 “This is an everyday must to take off the day.”

    • £52 “For a hit of mositurisation, a formula with fatty acids is a must.”

    • £34 “If I need a little more coverage I sparingly use this concealer where I need it.”

    • £12 “This is perfect on long flights.”

  • £14 “I use a hairbrush with a natural bristle as it promotes shine and is gentle on the scalp.”

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