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Millennial Women Are Ditching Skincare Routines

Over half of women aged 20-29 have have simplified their skincare routine in the past year, according market research firm, Mintel. The data also shows a drop in beauty products across the board, with only 31 percent of makeup-users using colour cosmetics, instead opting for a natural look.

54 percent of young millennials have simplified their skincare routine over the last year. Across all ages, almost one-in-five women have started spending less on make-up. Only 18 percent still starting their morning with a multi-step skincare routine.

Alex Fisher, global skincare analyst at Mintel says the data shows women are, “hoping to reach the same glowing result without having to put in the time”. She went on to say that: “This need for simplicity has pushed women towards minimalist skincare products with more intense active ingredients, such as serums and oils.”

On our changing make-up tastes, Alex says women are now choosing to “glow from within”. There is less of an emphasis on previous make-up trends such as matte looks. And of course, less make-up means less make-up remover. The use of facial cleansing wipes dropped a staggering 10 percent in just a year.

It isn’t just the desire for time-savers and natural beauty which is affecting the way we shop. Alex also notes the impact of our growing care for the environment. “Disposable wipes have been hit particularly hard as consumers become more aware of the product’s negative effects on the environment. As sustainability grows in importance, many beauty consumers are deliberately cutting out these singe-use products.” Alex notes that respondents are typically opting to use washcloths, rather than wipes designed for skincare.

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