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Lisa Snowdon: “It’s Time To Clean Out Your Make-up Bag”

March is the month when spring finally reappears. The temperatures become milder and finally the central heating can be switched off, giving our skin a much-needed break from the aggressive harsh elements of winter. This time of year always inspires us to have a good clear out of our homes, wardrobes and lives in general, and we shouldn’t forget about our make-up bag and its sometimes (or in my case, usually) messy contents. Your old, half used and out of date make-up and creams need to go. Beauty products don’t last forever and it’s not good to keep old stuff as bacteria can build up and lead to skin irritations, breakouts or eye infections. Now it’s time to get brutal…

1. Throw out your old mascara. I know it’s annoying, especially if you have only used half of the tube, but mascaras should be changed ideally every three to four months. This is because bacteria will breed in the dark and the damp of the tube (totally disgusting but true!) and as our eyes are very sensitive and vulnerable.

2. Invest in a good pencil sharpener and sharpen all the lip and eye pencils that you love and still use. If you have ones that are ready for the bin, throw them out! Be ruthless and don’t hang on to the stubby old worn down ends.

3. Check how long you’ve had beauty products such as eye creams, moisturisers and foundation. Makeup does expire and you can usually tell by the smell, texture or consistency if your items are past their best. Get rid of any that you’re not sure about as it’s not good to be putting out of date make-up on your skin or close to your eyes. If in doubt just throw it out!

4. With a tissue and a cotton tip carefully clean around your eye shadows and concealer palettes.

5. Using a brush shampoo, gently wash your make-up brushes in lukewarm water. Make sure you rinse them properly and leave to dry naturally on a clean, dry towel.

6. Finally, don’t forget your make-up bag itself! Some bags you can chuck in the washing machine, but if that’s not suggested give it a hand wash. Or treat yourself to a brand new bag which will inspire you to keep it clean!

As well as clearing out your makeup bag, spring is also the time to look at what you’re putting on your skin. It’s really important to make sure you are using a good everyday SPF, because even though the sun doesn’t feel very strong the UV rays are still there and can cause ageing and damage.

The changing of the weather also means there is no need for the heavy rich creams that we chose for the winter. I like hydrating serums and Dermaquest and SkinCeuticals both have amazing B5 gels, which are light and can be used morning and night to boost moisture levels without being too heavy. Also invest in a tinted moisturiser with an SPF to cover any imperfections and to add a golden sunkissed glow.

  • Lisa Snowdon: “It’s Time To Clean Out Your Make-up Bag”
    Vegan Brush Soap, £14.99,
    This product makes cleaning and conditioning your brushes effortless! Plus it’s made with coconut milk and has a luscious scent.

  • Lisa Snowdon: “It’s Time To Clean Out Your Make-up Bag”
    Palm Leaf Print Wash Bag, £48,
    I love the gorgeous print on this bag, and it’s also waterproof so easy to keep clean!

  • Lisa Snowdon: “It’s Time To Clean Out Your Make-up Bag”
    Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, £29,

    This oil-free SP3F30 formula offers advanced sun protection, leaves a wonderful glow and also helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots over time, bonus!


Lisa Snowdon