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Lisa Snowdon: “How To Get Clear Skin”

As a total beauty junkie, my at-home daily regime is a joy. While I was in the jungle, I couldn’t take any of my favourite products in with me – so now I’m home, it’s great to be able to pamper myself again! Every morning before my shower I dry body brush to get rid of dry skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is great for banishing cellulite and boosting circulation. If you’ve not tried it before, it’s easy – you simply use a natural bristle brush and work in gentle circular upward motions on your body, making sure your strokes are towards your heart. Once in the shower I use Sarah Chapman’s lovely Ultimate Cleanse (£40, which dissolves any impurities and removes make up perfectly. After, I love to use Balance Me’s Super Toning Oil (£20, all over my body and I add SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Acid ( to my face, which brightens my complexion and helps with my pigmentation which has come from sun damage over the years.

Next, a good eye cream is crucial. Remember to never apply your product too close to the eye – this can cause puffiness as the skin around the eye is so delicate. I like Dr Perricone High Potency Eye Lift (£72,

A good moisturiser is also a must. Moisture really is our friend as it not only leaves skin looking and feeling plump and healthy, but it also creates a barrier against any environmental damage.

Last but not least is sun cream – and yes, I use this even in the winter! A SPF of 30 is so important as the sun’s rays can still cause skin damage and ageing. Cosmedix Reflect SPF 30 (£35.72, is brilliant.

I have a similar routine in the evening but use slightly different products. As your skin regenerates while we sleep, it’s good to feed it with all the right ingredients before your head hits the pillow. I love to slather on a deliciously rich cream.

Once a week I try to have a spa evening, lighting a candle and drawing a long hot bath. While soaking, I cleanse and then exfoliate my face using Aurelia Refine and Polish Miracle Balm Scrub (£57, which is really gentle and contains probiotics to help reveal brighter, healthier looking skin. A mask is a necessity and depending on what my skin needs, I either use Malin+Goetz Facial Detox ( which is amazing for any break outs and can be used on pimples to dry them out, or Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask (£95,, which is super hydrating and a gorgeous luxurious treatment I leave on overnight. These simple yet effective steps really do help my skin – keeping the pores super clean and the texture and condition hydrated.

Get Lisa’s lashes

I am a lash addict, I confess! I love trying every mascara out there and take an age to apply it, making sure every single lash has been coated and twice at that! For the last 20 years I have also used eyelash curlers to get a gorgeous curl as, although my lashes are long, they are super straight. Recently, I complimented a make-up artist on her dark and curly lashes and she told me she had a treatment called LVL which stands for Lift, Volume, Length. It involves curling or perming the lashes and dying them (very old school) blue/black! The process takes around an hour and leaves your lashes looking thick, dark, sexy and, most importantly for me, curled. It’s perfect for when you go on holiday and means that when you do wear mascara they are so beautifully curled that your lashes look so long it’s almost like your are wearing false ones. I love it!


    • L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture, £9.99,
      Great for gorgeous thick, long sexy lashes

  • Dior Diorshow, £25,
    Although it’s more expensive, it’s really worth the cost


Lisa Snowdon