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How To Style Loungewear

Remember jeans? Yeah, us neither. If there’s anything that a government lock down has taught us, it’s that our loungewear has become our best friend.

Not only is it comfy, we’re also not going to be judged for wearing joggers and oversized t-shirts for the foreseeable.

So, how do we style it for the perfect look? We called in an expert.

“Loungewear is becoming ever more popular and is no longer an outfit reserved for slouching around at home,” says Susie Hasler, stylist at Styled By Susie.

“Thanks to celebrities and influencers, we’re now just as likely to see these snuggly suits being worn on the street too. The matching sets can look stylish and, yes, you can look as though you have stepped straight off the catwalk.”

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“You can easily style up a loungewear suit by adding a coat or jacket – taking it from sleep style to street style. The options are endless, from a biker to a camo, or denim to a longline coat. Try not to add a puffer jacket, as it will make it look scruffy! Footwear is important too. Don’t wear your loungewear with your gym trainers – instead, style it with a pair of crisp white or metallic trainers. Chunky trainers would also work with this look and if it’s chilly outside, wear with white ankle socks, which are on trend.”

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“Nothing screams ‘dreary’ like grey, so try to stick to other neutrals, such as stone, cream, white, black, navy or camel. Hoodies or sweatshirts with slogans work well if you’re not keen on plain loungewear. Just ensure there are no Disney prints that could mistake it for being nightwear!”

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“Accessorise your set with dainty jewellery such as hoop earrings, stacked rings or a layered necklace. In spring, look for some oversized sunglasses and toss your hair in a messy bun!”