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How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

There’s no better form of self-care than investing in your favourite perfume and with Christmas coming up, fragrances make the perfect gift. Get it right and it can be one of the most memorable and long-lasting presents to come from the big day, but how do you make the scent last?

Adam Anderson, expert at The Fragrance Shop tells you how:

“Have you ever noticed that others can smell your perfume better than you can? It’s simply because the longer you’re in the presence of that smell, the more your brain becomes used to it and you gradually stop noticing the aroma. If you want your fragrance to last all day, my top tips are to spray it on all pulse points and anywhere that emits heat, as this intensifies the scent. Your wrists, neck, ankles, behind your ear, collarbone and the back of your knees are great starting points. Fragrance latches onto fibres, so you could spray your favourite perfume onto your hair for long-lasting scent. I would suggest misting it onto your hairbrush and combing it through the hair straight after drying. Another top tip for making your fragrance truly last longer is to pair it with the matching body wash, as this intensifies the fragrance. If you choose not to do this, ensure you use an unscented body wash and body lotion, as these strong artificial scents can block the fragrance.”

Adam recommends:

Scentaddict, £12 per month

The concept:

Flirt with different scents each month until you find the one. Each month, chose the latest designer fragrance of your choice from a list of 200+, and a team of scentaddict experts will carefully fill a luxury reusable 8ml atomiser (which equates to approximately 100 sprays) with the chosen fragrance (complete with The Fragrance Shop guarantee) and package it ready to be sent to you within 14 days. If you fall in love with your new scent, you can redeem the £12 subscription cost against the price of full sized bottle either in-store or online using a unique discount code within your box.

What you need to know:

£12 per month
100 sprays of your chosen fragrance per month
Contains luxury reusable 8ml atomiser, perfect for those who love to travel
Choose from 200+ fragrances
Redeem the £12 subscription cost against the price of full sized bottle either in-store or online using a unique discount code every month
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