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How to Halt Greying Hair

With so much advice and so many products aimed at anti-ageing our skin, it’s no wonder that our hair gets somewhat neglected. But, as well as our faces, this part of our body is a massive indicator of our health and age. Whether it’s ’god’s organic highlights’ making an appearance (my more gentle way of saying grey hairs!) or the fact your tresses have started to thin and/or look a little lacklustre, the key is not to worry – there is help out there.

Going grey gracefully is a tough decision – if, like me, you’re not that brave but the endless trips to the hairdressers are proving too much for your sanity and bank balance, you’re certainly not alone. The truth is that rocking those silver hues (which has actually become quite a trend recently) is a totally personal thing and I am always in awe of the women who decide to embrace it.

It was a momentous day when I first realised that the pigment in some of my hair follicles had upped and gone for good, because it wasn’t only the colour of these locks that changed – the consistency of them also altered and my hair became wiry and frizzy in parts. I did try plucking the offending greys out in the hope that they would never return but sadly that wasn’t the case. And, before you ask – the myth that pulling out one results in six new ones springing up in its place is not true! There are various options to help antiage your hair that don’t involve tweezers – and the first is colour. When I noticed the stray greys, I decided to assess my hair colour tones and have some lighter shades worked through. Going lighter altogether wasn’t an option for me as a brunette but adding different colours, tones and lights all over helped combat the grey in a subtle way. As well as working better with my natural shade, it was much less maintenance than an all-over colour change. Also never underestimate the benefit of a good chop – not only can a clever cut help with hair health, it can knock years off!

Scalp care is essential too. Remember, your scalp is an extension of your skin and requires the same anti-ageing TLC as your face. Scalp massage is a very underused technique and it’s something we can all do at home in the evening while winding down with a glass of wine in front of the TV. It not only feels amazing but it helps with head tension and encourages circulation and blood flow to the area.

Vitamins and nutrition are also a key part of anti-ageing haircare. Making sure you have a varied diet with lots of protein, zinc, omega 3, D and B vitamins can help activate hair growth and cells, resulting in stronger, thicker and more silky strands.

Hair dyes and quick fixes can cover up greys in the short term but gene manipulation may, in future, banish it altogether. Scientists have pinpointed a gene responsible for grey hair that could lead to new ways of delaying or preventing the greying process! Watch this space.

Lisa Snowdon