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Breaking Out After Working Out?

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Are you an active person? And are you experiencing issues with your skin after working out? Well, there may be a way for you to change that. Look out for our three top tips below for how to clear up skin that changes for the worse when working out.

Why does my skin break out after working out?
A lot of people will blame sweat during their workout for their outbreak of acne. But sweat is not the cause of the problem. Sweat releases a protein, which is antibacterial. This protein kills a lot of the common bacteria on our faces, which could cause acne, so it’s not preposterous to claim that sweating is actually good for the skin. The thing that could actually be causing acne on our skin is the bacteria and dirt we build up on our faces during a workout. When we leave this on our face – instead of cleaning our face during or after a workout – that’s when the issues may occur. Acne is generally caused by dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells on our face which can cause blocked sebaceous glands and inflammation.

So what can I do to prevent that?
Remove that make-up!
First of all, you need to remove all make-up before working out. You might think that it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to clean your skin after exercise, but make-up is rarely non-comedogenic – eventually, your pores will be filled with dirt, oil and make-up.

Clean your skin every. single. time
You need to clean your skin immediately after working out – yep, we’ve said it. It really is important. When you’ve finished your workout, you need to take a shower and cleanse with whatever works for you. Make sure to moisturise after workout out too – your skin needs hydration, and finally protect your skin with SPF, this is vital. To make sure you’re deeply cleansing, it might be a good idea to use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week.

Try a peeling mask
If none of these tips are working to combat your breakouts, your skin might need a deeper treatment. A peel mask might be the answer to your prayers. Even though it might sound like a newer practice, chemical peels have been around for centuries. A peeling mask applies an acid to break down the top layer(s) of the skin, so wrinkles, fine lines and uneven bumps will reduce. Furthermore, a peeling mask can help with some types of acne, making it perfect for giving your skin a new start.