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6 Common Hair Mistakes We’re All Making

We’re all guilty of cutting corners when it comes to our beauty routines, so leading colourist and founder of The Hair Boss, Lisa Shepherd is here to bust the myths and rectify the mistakes we’re all making with our haircare.

Alcohol in hair products will make your hair thinner

Thin, limp, fine hair (most European hair) is one of the biggest hair concerns we tend to see. The consultation is crucial for this hair concern. The stylist needs to firstly ascertain why its limp and fine. Is it fine because it needs building up by a collagist - because that is very different to a hairdresser. The majority of people in this country have just got fine flat hair that need volume products!

The first port of call is going to be a really decent volume shampoo - anything that gives volume has got alcohol in it. Not alcohol as we know it, but alcohol in hair products swells hair and makes it appear thicker. This is not to be afraid of, it is one of the only things that actually helps create that amazing volume! The only problem with alcohol in any product is that it can make the hair dry. Hence why the biggest product to give volume is mousse, but this can make the hair dry.

I think the best solutions is to use a good volume shampoo, such as The Hair Boss Virgin Hair Shampoo (£7.99 for 300ml, Superdrug), a lightweight cleansing gel that purifies the hair without adding weight or residue. Want some extra volume? We recommend following with The Hair Boss Body Building Foam Conditioner (£8.99 for 100ml, Superdrug), a rinse-out foam conditioner that nourishes and hydrates the hair without weighing it down.

Colouring your roots will make your hair thinner

A really reliable way to thicken up hair is looking at the colour. Adding colour to the root gives it immediate texture and volume. Alternatively, a good old-fashioned root perm with root gels can create the appearance of thicker hair.

You can colour your hair darker or lighter at home

Glosses, root tints, taking your shade a couple shades different is absolutely fine. However, the moment that you start to think about going from dark to light, or even light to dark, you need to go to a professional colourist only.

You should hide your hair from the sun

Summer hair is one of my favourites. Everyone always says that you need to cover it up, but I personally don’t I like the sun doing its thing.

Take treatments with you before you go away making sure that you use a hair mask. The Hair Boss Double Hair Mask (£19.99, Superdrug) is the ultimate SOS hero product to achieve strong, healthy and moisturised hair on the go.

The whole point that I am trying to make is don’t let your hair dry out. It is all about moisturisation, just like with skin.

Shine sprays will make your hair look greasy

It is important to use a good hair spray with blondes as maintaining a good condition is hard because the colour absorbs the light whereas with any other colours, it bounces off of it. This means that even if you have a great condition of blonde it can look flat, so you need to aesthetically add shine to it. The Hair Boss Semi-Permanent Shine Spray (£12.99, Superdrug) is a great option – the special bio-polymer in this product smoothens the cuticle which gives hair an intense shine with a glossy look and feel. Additionally, this shine spray offers protection against pollutants leaving hair fresh and healthy.

The older you get the more highlights you need to cover the grey

“Now I am a colourist and I celebrate grey hair! I love grey hair on women. Some of my clients come to a stage in their life where I encourage them to stop colouring or certainly change their colour methods.

Sometimes there is nothing more confident on a woman with grey hair than it looking its best and strongest grey and white, but it does need to shine and sparkle. Due to the fact that it changes its texture you have to give it a helping hand. A fabulous shampoo is a good option, one that is going to give you the shine that you need making the hair appear more youthful. Nourish dry and damaged hair with The Hair Boss Overworked Hair Shampoo (£7.99 for 100ml, Superdrug) - specifically for overly processed, bleached, coloured and heat-damaged hair types.